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So, last season, I started this blog in hopes that I would discuss my race ventures. Well, after my laptop died and I was sharing a laptop with my husband, I gave up. Then our Bubba got sick and we spent a lot of the summer nursing him until we had to lay him to rest.  It was extremely difficult and we miss him still, everyday.

I regret not keeping up with my blog since I placed 2nd for Women’s Endurance in the Mid Atlantic Super Series!  I apologize for those who took the time to read the posts I did make. It is quite a poor excuse to give up on a blog but, it’s my excuse so, it doesn’t surprise me that it is a poor one, haha.

It is not even winter yet and I am already planning out my 2013 season. I raced with Trestle Bridge Racing last year which was a fun experience. This year, I accepted an invite to race with Toasted Head Race Team. People get excited for new jobs, new cars but me, this is what I get excited for; a new experience with an energetic team.

I hope to continue this blog each week as I do my fun rides and morph into my training rides. This winter I will include strength training and learning a new diet to stay strong and healthy.

Thank you again and I promise not to give up on this blog…it is mine and I don’t want to hurt it’s feelings again :/


Ride On!