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Bring it, 2018!

Happy 2018!!!

After a long hiatus from my blog, I’m bringing it back! Once in a while, I’ll have people ask if I plan on starting it up again and truthfully, I wasn’t sure why anyone would WANT me to! While I enjoyed writing in the past, there was a part of me that felt almost self-centered and thinking people would actually want to hear about my adventures. Oh, and I accidentally broke my old laptop, which was WAY faster than my current one. Well, apparently, the blog was motivating to others and that is all I need to get writing again!

Okay, so here we are, a few years later, older (still very young at heart), stronger, and maybe wiser? I’ve never stopped racing, moved on to a new team, Rare Disease Cycling. I raced for Rare Disease Cycling after Toasted Head Racing disbanded. Most of the team moved in this direction, so it was a no brainer to stay with everyone and support such a generous cause for the past two years.

Besides my own race adventures, I worked with some very close friends to start a local mountain bike team! With the help of Mike Kuhn getting approval from NICA to start a Pennsylvania league, we created Keystone Composite Mountain Bike Team for the Northeast region! I’ll elaborate more in a separate post, because it deserves press!

Fast forward to 2018!! After ten years of racing for teams, I decided to branch ouIMG_3527t and race independently for this upcoming season. I’m still ironing out some details, getting great feedback from possible sponsors, and am happy to have Sickler’s Bike Shop as my main bike shop sponsor. I’ve been a customer at Sickler’s for over ten years and have worked there for about three. My race schedule will be quite full, with some bikepacking adventures mixed in.

As I sit here at home, on a sub zero snow day, I had to get this going again to document this year. I’ll be posting about training, products, races, life, and help offer any good information that I can. Details to come soon!

Be Kind to one another.


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